An attempt at using Sri Reddy scandal in Telugu Cinema

Thu Jan 02 2020 15:12:16 GMT+0530 (IST)

Telugu Cinema lovers can't forget Sri Reddy issue and her bold challenge to Industry bigwigs to disprove her claims. She even made allegations on Suresh Babu and family.

She became famous with one interview that has gone viral, where she talked about how producers and actors treat heroines.

She later released some chats as proofs and asked MAA to take action. MAA did not honor her complaint as she is not a member and that made her go for half-naked protest.

This made many lady NGOs walk behind her and she made everything into a big moment against people who ask for "Commitment". But she commented on Pawan Kalyan at the wrong moment and that resulted in severe backlash against her from Industry and fans.

Slowly, some of her old videos where she desperately tried to gain some attention came out. Finally, she settled in Chennai and even made allegations on Tamil actors.

Now, a film is being made on her story with title, "Sri Reddy Dorikipoindi - Mavana Mrugalaku". Rahul Pramahamsa is directing the film with Aryan, Upasana as leads. A first look poster was released by the team on 1st January, 2020.