'Anand' Hero's Latest Video Goes Viral On Social Media!

Tue May 10 2022 18:36:22 GMT+0530 (IST)

Do you remember Raja from Sekhar Kammula's sweet love story 'Anand'? The good looking actor shot to fame with this film and went on to act in some hit films like 'Vennela', 'Mogudu Pellam O Dongodu' and others. With no hits in his career, he turned into a character artist and acted in a couple of well known films like 'Arjun', 'Aa Naluguru', 'Style', 'Bangaram', 'Mr. Nookayya' and others.

He tried to become successful in Tollywood for a long time but luck didn't favor him. His last film was 'Parking' which came out and went unnoticed in 2016. The 43-year-old is married to Amritha Vincent in 2014 and he has two kids.

Raja's full name is Abel Raja and he is often preaches Christianity in churches and other public events. He even canvassed in support of YSRCP in the 2014 elections. The actor is currently serving as a Pastor in Hyderabad and one of his videos is currently going viral on social media.

In this video, he asks people not to waste time watching films as it serves no purpose. He says to care about own family and pray to god instead of being invested in movies that are of no purpose. A lot of people are flooding the comments section asking why he tried so hard to succeed in films all those years when they were a waste of time. This video is getting a lot of sarcastic comments from people and take a look at it yourselves!!!