Photo Story: Anasuya In A Killer Look!

Wed Feb 26 2020 22:12:01 GMT+0530 (IST)

Anasuya Bhardwaj has a face and personality that can suit any costume. While some costumes seem a little bit too much on her these days, no one can rock in saree like her.

With one look, she is able to suggest 100s of things even in a photo. Such is the talent, she poses and her face brims with charm, in this particular photo.

In a green saree, when you look at her, you might end up playing songs like "Chiluka Kshemama ...", "Chilukapaccha Koka ..." Suya Suya Suya atta etta puttesave Anasuya".

She is right now, the most busiest anchor on TV as Suma seems to be restricting her appearances in different shows.

She has two to three shows starting in the next month and her competition - Sreemukhi, Rashmi and youngsters seem to have been forced to take a back seat with her resurgence in TV.