Anasuya is the main attraction for that new show

Mon Dec 09 2019 16:49:29 GMT+0530 (IST)

Anchor Anasuya was never seen as the most talented anchor or actress like Suma, Jhansi. Her captivating beauty became her identity card after Jabardasth exploded in popularity.

The actress proved her mettle in acting with Kshanam and Rangasthalam. But the anchor is still somehow seen as a glam doll.

She likes being praised as a beautiful like many and she is turning out to be the main attraction of Local Gangs, a new show on Zee TV.

Anchor Ravi left Mallemala for this show and even Anasuya was reported to have left Jabardasth. But she clarified that she did not leave the show.

Nagababu is coming up with his new show on Zee TV soon and Anasuya might join it too.

In any case, the anchor and actress is turning up the heat and looking her best for Local Gangs. It is her beauty that the show makers are highly publicising too. Most of their promotional material has her image or her video as the big driving force.

It used to be Sreemukhi, the greatest attraction for any show, for Zee TV before she entered Bigg Boss, after that show, she seems to have limited herself to StarMaa and Anu, who lost some of her footing to Sreemukhi, seems to be gaining more on war-footing.