Photstory: Anasuya's PDA For Her Husband!

Fri Jun 05 2020 16:40:03 GMT+0530 (IST)

We all know that Anasuya is a popular anchor and an actor with huge fame. Her husband Susank Bharadwaj plays a key factor in her success and even Anasuya claims that she is doing great in this industry because of him. She once again displayed her affection towards her life partner with her recent social media post.

Yesterday was Susank and Anasuya's 10th wedding anniversary and on this occasion, she shared a picture where she is holding her husband tightly while he is kissing her.

She wrote, “My rock .. my wild.. my chaos.. my balance.. my wings.. I don't know what I'd do without you everytime we have a fight and think I am never going to talk to you again ever. I am such a fool!!! I've learnt to live right only with you.. I don't know otherwise.. officially its our 10 for the world.. but you and I know that you and I are meant to be for eternity before and eternity ahead!! I love you like Thanos loves the infinity stones!! Mental!!! #HappyAnniversaryToUs #2020 #Happy10 #QuarantinedAnniversary #AllLove @susank.bharadwaj.”

Anasuya and Susank fell in love long back when the 'Rangasthalam' actress was in her second year of intermediate. She went to an NCC camp and Susank met her there for the first time and immediately fell in love and proposed her. She not did not make an decision at that time and when they met in another NCC camp after a year and half, he asked him to marry her and then she said yes. After 3 years, when her family members started finding matches for her, she revealed her love story to them. At first, her father did not agree to their love fearing that Anasuya's sisters will be affected by this. Anasuya decided to leave her home and Bharadwaj convinced her parents and finally got married on 4th June 2010.