Telugu TV celebrities are also showing off 'luxury'!

Tue Oct 08 2019 17:53:11 GMT+0530 (IST)

Anchor Pradeep never really revealed his house, car or his lifestyle but he is a renowned as an anchor, host and now, as producer of Konchem Touch lo Unte Cheptha Show too. His remuneration is said to be the top most in male anchors on Telugu TV.

Sudheer comes close to him in terms of commanding a following but his remuneration is calculated differently for Jabardasth, as comedian and team leader, and for other shows as anchor & main host/comedian. He and his friends, Getup Sreenu, Auto Ramprasad do share their lifestyle videos regularly on social media and they are thankful to audiences for all the love, as well.

Anchor Ravi is able to become a lead actor in Telugu films but as he did not see major success, he is continuing as host/comedian/anchor/special dance performer on TV and at events. His fame is next two other two stated above.

Srimukhi owns a flat, luxury car bought on her own after becoming a popular anchor and Anasuya as anchor/actor is able to see so much success that she bought an Audi SUV.

Now, Anchor Manjusha bought Mercedes-Benz and she thanked audiences for all the support and also Industry for opportunities.

Well, Anchor Suma and Jhansi with Udaya Bhanu used to work for Rs. 1000 per an episode on TV but today, TV is also paying on par with Cinema and events to popular faces!

We would love to congratulate Manjusha for being the next preferred anchor to handle major interviews and events after Anchor Suma in Telugu TV for film events, mainly. Also, for the car and the success! Please keep entertaining us.