This Is The Time For Women Writers

Tue Oct 20 2020 20:20:37 GMT+0530 (IST)

Actress Andrea Jeremiah is known for sheer talent and bold roles in her movies. The movies like 'Yuganiki Okkadu', 'Vada Chennai' having all the extreme love making scenes and great content where the actress has excelled in her craft.

Andrea who used her break time to her betterment and has never shied away from showing her assets but vented her opinion saying that from Vada Chennai onwards the directors want to shoot only bed scenes with her and this I am vexed of telling no to them. Andrea even urged producers that she is willing to cut her pay cheque if content is good!

On the latest the actress is enjoying the success of her anthology film 'Putham Puthu Kalai' based in stories in lockdown. The web film has got huge reception on Amazon Prime. Andrea has acted in the anthology part 'Reunion' directed by Rajiv Menon. She aced the role of a drug addict and even shared her troubles during the lock down!

She expressed her wish to act in Director Ram film and My skin film anytime as they are her favourites. She said that Ram is the only male writer director who understands the concerns of female! and thus I wish more female writersbro come up she opined.

The sultry actress has recently opined that she is getting huge love and recognition in Tamil Cinema but wish to make only content driven films!