Why This Same Old Formulaic Stuff Again And Again?

Sat Jan 11 2020 19:13:41 GMT+0530 (IST)

Telugu audience have evolved a lot in the recent few years. They have come a lot forward from the days when doing experiments was considered as a suicide. Today, experimental and new age flicks are being well received by our people. But why are some of our filmmakers still stuck in the same old format of leaving the logic behind and elevating heroism with no proper story?

The grand Sankranti release, 'Sarileru Neekevvaru' starring Mahesh Babu is one such example. The film is a typical commercial entertainer made by pure calculations rather than passion. Looks like the film's aim was only to play to the galleries. The English translation of the film title is 'Unmatchable' but it is the same old story once again.
Mahesh Babu gave his best in the film and it alone can make the movie successful. This film may even break records because of his energetic performance. But despite all this, his character is just an extension of his previous movies where he comes from somewhere, wipes out the existing baddies and help the society. He is literally a superhero who can pull off anything and his higher officials have nothing to do but admire him. There isn't even a tinge of realistic approach in the military scenes.

After having a heavy start, the film conveniently slips into the comedy genre and this is where the real problem starts. The comedy completely goes overboard and makes you wonder if they are some edited portions in Anil Ravipudi's previous flick 'F2'. There are a lot of scenes that had no logic whatsoever and the director seems to have focused only on glorifying his antagonist that he completely ignored building up a strong story and a competent villain. At a point, you start to think if the hero is a military officer or a detective or a superhero who could do anything just with a snap. In the end, the filmmakers try to give you a message but it leaves you with zero impact.

It is not wrong to make commercial films but how about a new story and following logics this time?