This Heroine Expresses Disappoint On Her Hubby

Thu Feb 13 2020 19:57:13 GMT+0530 (IST)

We usually wish for something and end up doing something else. May be our ideas or situations tend to limit us. Too deep right, well, we can take it all in lighter vein too.

Anitha, heroine of films like Nuvvu Nenu and several others in Telugu, settled as serial actress in Mumbai with her husband, Rohit Reddy.

He is an entrepreneur and an actor too. As the couple are spending their Valentines Weekend in Goa, Anitha, teased him while sharing this photo.

She wrote,

"What I actually wanted v/s What my husband actually clicked
Happy valentines week! "

Well, he retaliated saying that budget is a constraint. Anyways, we got to see some good natured husband-wife tu tu mein mein here, didn't we?