Another rumour...'RRR' postponed?

Wed Jan 29 2020 11:48:43 GMT+0530 (IST)

Whenever a big film is announced, rumours start popping up about it during the entire production stage. It is tough to control information from coming out and the best way to stop these rumours is to ignore them. Super successful director Rajamouli is a master in not letting rumours get into him.

He faced many rumours and leak issues during 'Baahubali' time but he came up with a blockbuster film. In the same way, his upcoming film 'RRR' starring NTR and Charan is having a lot of rumours coming it's way. The entire industry is waiting for this film and so are the film lovers. Many rumours came that the film is postponed from July to October. Some others say that Rajamouli is hell-bent on releasing this flick by July 30th as announced earlier. But being a big project which involves a lot of technicians, actors, CG work and others, there is news that the film will be released in October.

But some others claim that the film is hitting the screens on Sankranti 2021 as it is the perfect season for releasing big films. Big films are usually coming on Sankranti or Summer seasons these days. So, people are thinking it would be better if a film like 'RRR' releases during the Sankranti season. Rajamouli and his team are staying silent over these rumours as usual and we need to wait for some more time to get the official news.