Anushka And Virat Kohli's Bodyguard Earning A Whopping Amount

Mon Jul 19 2021 12:32:11 GMT+0530 (IST)

Star couple, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli are reportedly paying their bodyguard more than what many of us will earn in our lifetimes. Here are more details about Anushka and Virat's well-paid bodyguard.

Sonu, a trained body guard based in Mumbai has been an integral member of Anushka's personal security team right from the early stages of his career. He is at Anushka's service whenever she wants him to. Anushka has a great deal of trust and reliability on Sonu. Likewise, she is paying him a whopping amount of money.

As per a report from a Bollywood news portal, Sonu is earning as much as Rs 1.20 crores per annum. This much more than what an averag critizen earns. Well, being a trusted person to star celebrities comes with own set of goodies and Sonu seems to be reaping benefits of the same.

The trained bodyguard earns around Rs 10 lakhs per month. He is seen Anushka's side whenever she steps out in public or even in shooting locations. Of late, he is spotted alongside team India captain Virat Kohli as well. He seems to be providing security to both of them.

Both Anushka and Virat see Sonu as their extended family member and they don't hesitate to pay him a mouthwatering amount. Even Sonu reciprocates similar amount of love towards his employers.

On a related note, Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s bodyguard, Shera, who is seen alongside the star actor almost all the time earns big bucks as well. Salman pays Shera a whopping remuneration of Rs 2 crores per year. Same is the case with Ravi Singh, the personal bodyguard of Shah Rukh Khan as well. Ravi Singh is paid Rs 2.7 crores per year.