Are All These Collections Fake?

Sat Feb 20 2021 16:08:48 GMT+0530 (IST)

There is a huge talk going around the industry circles saying that the Mythri team are putting up fake collections for their recent hit film 'Uppena'. The movie is a good hit and there is no denying that but the majority are claiming that the makers are posing huge figures which doesn't have any reality in them.

The production house released the film themselves and rumour is that they are including the theatre hiring costs and others to increase the numbers drastically. Sources say that 'Uppena' entered profit zone long back as they received 20 crores in the form of advances and being an own release, the collections will directly go into the producers' pockets.

But Mythri team is really trying hard to make it cross the 100 crores gross mark. Insiders are saying that Sukumar is the reason for it. The star director had committed that 'Uppena' is going to be a 100 crore film in the pre-release event and this is why everyone in the team is trying to protect his reputation by putting up big numbers. Sukumar who produced films before never attended promotions except for giving interviews but he even took part in reality game shows for this film which explains a lot. Isn't it?