Are Comedian Ali And RGG-3 Team Correct?

Tue Oct 22 2019 10:44:00 GMT+0530 (IST)

Ratings and Reviews are a way to understand what people saw and what did they like and what they did not. Even a reviewer is a viewer first and then, he or she tries give an informed opinion about the film.

To say that movie is made for viewers but not for "Kaun Kiska Gottams" and then call reviewers "Boku" just shows frustration but not their strength.

Mani Ratnam did not come out and scold people for saying Kadal is a borefest. He did not make any references to his best reviewed films as well. Similarly, Nagarjuna or Chiranjeevi or Venkatesh or Balakrishna did not scold reviewers in public to show that they know better than viewers.

Even in 90's when they were young and new or even in 2000's when they were established seniors. They went after journalists who targeted them personally at times and those who made degrading remarks but never ever did they went after reviewers who are a part of media.

RGG-3 team at their "success meet" enjoyed these words uttered by Comedian Ali and no one tried to say that he was expressing his frustration and don't take it to heart.

Same team got rave reviews for Raju Gari Gadhi which helped them in publicity and gain good media coverage for the good word to spread. Even Ashwin, the lead said that he is disappointed to see 68% rating for their film on Book My Show app, which generates rating through opinions and ratings given by general public.

He said that it took only negative feedback into count but not positive one. Movie from reviewers got 1.5 -2.25 ratings at large, which means 68% on BMS is much better one.

As they say Crow loves its own child to the core, even our movie for us will look the best. That too, when no one else are giving us such opportunities and we are producing on our own, the frustration and insecurity, will be high.

But the most important and logical thing to do at such a stage is to accept all opinions and answer any personal attacks. A movie can generate 1000 opinions and reviews are one of many. If one fails to understand their impact or their purpose, then they shouldn't make such comments as well.

 Because no reviewer is trying to personally attack anyone and no one deserved to be called such names, even in the name of comedy and expressing frustration in a funny way!