Aswatthama becomes most watched teaser for him!

Sat Dec 28 2019 12:09:44 GMT+0530 (IST)

Aswatthama teaser crossed 3.5 Million views in 24 hours and this is highest for any teaser of Naga Shaurya's film.

In fact, among his league of heroes, this is the fastest to reach that number. Movie is an action film based on a relevant social issue.

Mehreen Prizada is acting as the leading lady in the film. Naga Shaurya got emotional at the teaser launch event saying that he was extremely unhappy to see his mother disappointed with his previous film, @Nartanasala.

He apologised publicly to her saying that he made a bad film on their production house and it has hurt his mother more than anyone else. So, he decided to work on his next production with extra care.

He promised that this movie will be a hit and he himself wrote the story of the film. Ramana Teja directed the film and it will release on 31st January.

 Looks like the teaser got the attention of the public in a big way. A good sign for the film and team.