Avatar Director Gives us First Glimpse Into Avatar 2 world

Tue Jan 07 2020 19:42:29 GMT+0530 (IST)

Avatar became a huge sensation in 2009 and Director, James Cameron has been working on sequels of the film from last 11 years. He has been postponing the release dates of his sequels all the while.

Finally, he is ready to share some glimpses of what is in store for people in his next films of the franchise.

He shared concept art of the new unexplored world of Pandora in the first film. He seems to have designed all the world of Pandora with Amazon forests, China in his mind.

The locales look stunning in just concept art and to achieve realistic looking images from these concept arts, it will take months and months for VFX artists.

May be for that very reason, he has been stalling any leaks or updates for so long about his sequels. He seems to be preparing us for another huge visual treat.

Avatar grossed $2.7 Billion dollars at the box office to become world's highest grosser ever and its record was beaten by Avengers EndGame, this year, as it crossed $ 2.78 Billion dollars Worldwide.