'Awe!' Director Gives Clarity On His Issue With Nani!

Thu Feb 13 2020 16:13:01 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Director Prasanth Varma who caught everyone's attention with his mind-bending 'Awe!' which released in 2018 got into news once again recently. Prasanth tweeted that he is in search of a producer who is willing to bankroll the sequel of his debut film.

Many thought that Nani will be producing the sequel too but Prasanth's tweet surprised many and gave an indication that Nani did not approve the script of 'Awe 2'. Some people started criticizing the director for indirectly lashing out on Nani.

With all this unwanted controversy surrounding him, Prasanth once again came on social media and said, "I didn't approach @NameisNani garu for #Awe2 as he is only keen on introducing new talent through @walpostercinema . Hope that clears some speculations." This director's previous outing 'Kalki' was a failure and his next film will be announced soon as per reports.