Baahubali Team Comes Together! Why Now?

Mon Feb 24 2020 12:14:01 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Natural star Nani's second production venture 'HIT' is hitting the screens this weekend and the team organized a pre-release event to promote their film. Interestingly the major crew of 'Baahubali' came up as the guests for the night.

Seeing all of them together made people slip into the good old 'Baahubali' times. Rajamouli, Rana, and Anushka were present at the event and only Prabhas was missing who would have brought completeness to this frame. Also, it was good to see Anushka at the event after so many days.

As Nani is a close friend of Rajamouli and family, they were present at the function. Apart from that, Prasanthi Triperneni who is the producer of 'HIT' worked as a costume designer along with Rama Rajamouli for 'Baahubali' which made this movie even closer to the likes of Rana, Anushka, and Rajamouli.

Looking at these pictures, netizens are hoping that they would work together once again which may not be possible considering that all of them are busy for the next few years with their commitments.