Baba Ramdev Responds To Encounter News

Fri Dec 06 2019 17:52:18 GMT+0530 (IST)

Baba Ramdev has responded to the Hyderabad encounter that took place in the early hours of Friday. All the four accused were gunned down by the police personnel. The police said they tried to escape from the spot and snatched guns from the police and tried to attack the police. With no option, left police opened gunfire.

He lauded the decision of the government and police of Telangana.

"The police have taken justice-worthy actions which have brought relief to all Indians. People may feel that all this is against the law. However, I feel that criminals like these who tarnish our country's image and culture deserve this. Police, Army and other forces should deal with criminals and terrorists in a similar way," he said.

"Cases should only be taken to court where there's a scope for doubt. With the help of evidence, the law can take its own course. However, characterless criminals and terrorists should face on spot justice like this," added Baba Ramdev.