Bad Luck For Prabhas Fans

Wed May 06 2020 10:31:10 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Corona outbreak has stalled all the operations leaving businesses of all sorts in heavy losses. Some businesses are even said that they cannot with stand the faced losses. One such industry is Film Industry.

The Tollywood Rebel Star Prabhas's situation is far worse than the other actors. Prabhas is said to be in pressure to complete his ongoing Prabhas #20 film as soon as possible and make it release in August this year but the Corona outbreak has different plans for Prabhas!

Prabhas has recently gave nod for Director Nag Ashwin's socio-fantasy film which was said to start in the year end but now the film has further went down to 2021 mid-year due to the unavoidable crisis of the lockdown and Tollywood shutdown.

The outbreak has stalled the shoot of the film as whole of Tollywood is in shutdown mode. Earlier Prabhas has wasted huge call sheets on a mediocre film like 'Saaho' and this wanted to be on caution and complete films at a fast pace so that he can cash in on his post Bahubali craze and make huge money.

Prabhas is nearing 40's and it will be difficult for the star to earn huge sum and lead pan India image if his movies doesn't release every year and there is a risk that his image would be tarnished in the business circles. Hence, Prabhas is quick but Corona shattered the dreams of Prabhas!