Bad News For Users:Netflix Brings New Rule On Password Sharing!

Wed May 24 2023 19:09:49 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Netflix is one of the costliest OTTs not only in India but in the world. Earlier, the company reduced the charges seeing that the users count is coming down. However, the decision was undone shortly. Netflix earlier enabled password sharing. But now the rules were made tough as password sharing was removed.

Password sharing was enabled for just family members. If the users want to share the passwords with non-family members, then they have to pay a certain amount.

IP Address and Device ID will decide whether the password was shared with the family members or others. Netflix will know to whom the passwords were shared based on the two.

If the passwords were shared with others, users who are joining newly should pay the prescribed amount. Netflix came up with the new idea. In 2017, Netflix urged users to share their passwords with others. However, Netflix did not enjoy the popularity it is enjoying now back then. Particularly, the users count in India is very less.

After the emergence of the Covid pandemic, the count of OTT consumers increased massively. Following this, Netflix is moving forward by keeping the extra focus on the content and picking the income areas.

As part of that, Netflix brought a new rule on password sharing. Many say that this is a big bad news for the consumers.