Balakrishna Doesn't Want That Hero To Be A Villain!

Fri Jun 11 2021 18:56:13 GMT+0530 (IST)

Nandamuri Balakrishna celebrated his 61st birthday recently and the senior hero interacted with some people from the press. He spoke about various things starting from his son's debut to his upcoming films. He even claimed that he owns the film industry and will be going to any lengths to protect Telugu cinema.

Balayya also seems to have some strong opinion about hero Srikanth becoming a villain. There were rumours that the 'Mahatma' hero will be seen as a villain in Balayya's film but they remained false. Speaking about it, Balakrishna said, "I and Srikanth worked together recently. I strongly warned him not to do villain roles. In fact, I suggested an interesting subject for him and also referred him to a director. After doing three to four films, he may again do some experiments but I warned him not to do villain roles."

As we know, Srikant played the role of Lakshmana in Balakrishna's mythological film 'Sri Rama Rajyam'.