Balakrishna Reacts To The Nurses' Controversy!

Mon Feb 06 2023 15:12:31 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The-awaited first part of Nandamuri Balakrishna's 'Unstoppable' with Pawan Kalyan has arrived on 3rd February. It clocks a record number of views and it became one of the most viewed interviews in Telugu. The second part of this interview will be coming out on 10th February. As we know, the comments which were made by Balayya about the nurses created a huge controversy and the nurse associations are demanding an apology for the senior hero.

Now, the 'Legend' hero responded to it. He wrote, "I strongly reject the baseless claims that I slandered the nursing profession. The meaning of what I said was completely changed. I hold nurses and their work in the highest esteem. At our hospital, Basavatarakam Cancer Hospital, I have personally witnessed their excellent care.  I respect the immense work they put in day and night. No amount of thanks can match the service they provide. All the nurses put their life on the line during the lockdown period and treated the patients. We have a lot to learn from them. I regret if my words offended them."

Not just this but Balakrishna has landed in trouble a lot of times recently. He made some surprising comments on Akkineni Nageswar Rao which became a huge issue. He had to explain his intentions later. In the same speech, he made some degrading comments on legendary SV Ranga Rao as well. He used a couple of cuss words from the Hindi language while he was speaking on stage too and it went viral. He said that Ravanasura is the god of Deva Brahmanas before the release of 'Veera Simha Reddy' and released an official letter apologizing later.