So, Should NBK Cancel Boyapati's film?

Thu Jan 17 2019 17:42:53 GMT+0530 (IST)

Nandamuri Fans, that too, NBK fans are altogether a different kind of people on social media. They initiate fan wars by commenting other heroes and then play victim card if someone scolds them.

Also, they ask for crazy combinations and at the same time worry about the film's box office returns even before the movie starts. Mega fans come close to their behaviour, but comparatively they maintain dignified silence till the movie release in regards to commenting others.

Right now, NBK fans are unhappy with VVR and NTR films results at box office. While they are happy that Ram Charan couldn't give another massive success, they are unhappy that Boyapati Srinu gave a disaster that too a comical one.

They are asking for NBK to consider F2 director, Anil Ravipudi for his next and do a film with Boyapati Srinu after that when he, the hero, delivers a success.

Well, Boyapati Srinu after Dammu gave Legend and he can turn the tables with Balakrishna as he proved with Simha and Legend. May be they are judging the director who gave Balakrishna his other two successful films apart from GPSK in last decade, too soon!