Did Bandla Ganesh Target Pawan Kalyan?

Thu Sep 12 2019 11:24:33 GMT+0530 (IST)

Bandla Ganesh is one of those Film Celebrities who doesn't hesitate to speak in a bold manner. When someone like him reacts on a serious issue, It's gonna become a headline news for sure. This Actor-cum-Producer expressed his displeasure on the Palnadu Episode. 'Andhra has become like another Bihar with the recent developments. Palnadu episode has damage the image of AP. We had died many a times already. Madras, Kurnool and Hyderabad..? Ruling Party YCP and Main Opposition TDP need to accept that elections won't be happening anytime soon. Better if those who doesn't have Flag and Agenda take rest for sometime. Public should be allowed to live peacefully. Because of the confusion created by political parties, People are unable to decide where they should settle down. Nobody have any clue if Amaravati will remain as the capital or not. Andhrites who were cheated need to stop trusting the Political Leaders. Even I can't do anything...Only the God has to save us,' he said.

Bandla Ganesh didn't spare any of the leading political parties in Andhra Pradesh including Jana Sena. Did he target Pawan Kalyan by saying he doesn't have any agenda?

This Film Producer deserves appreciation for making a good appeal when tension was prevailing because of the Palnadu Episode. Focus of the Ruling Party and Main Opposition need to be on the development, not on how to settle scores.