Bandla Ganesh Fires Shots At Guruji Once Again!

Fri May 26 2023 12:19:23 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Not only on stage but Bandla Ganesh spits fire on Twitter too. He doesn't think twice when he decides to make a tweet and it often makes it to the headlines. He was the same as a producer, politician and a businessman now. As we know, he took a break from movie production for quite some time now and he is planning to make a big-budget flick with Ravi Teja on a pan-Indian level. Though nothing has been finalized, they are reportedly in regular touch. Ravi Teja and Bandla Ganesh made 'Anjaneyulu' earlier which was a decent success in theatres but a massive hit on YouTube and television.

Keeping it aside, the recent reply given by Bandla to a movie enthusiast became a hot topic. A guy called Satish Sunkara asked Bandla Ganesh to give some tips on how to become a producer. Ganesh immediately replied, "Meet Guruji & give a costly gift, it will happen." Fans have clearly understood who Guruji is and we all know that star writer-director Trivikram Srinivas is referred to as Guruji by everyone. People are aware of the controversy during the time of 'Bheemla Nayak' where Bandla Ganesh wasn't invited to the pre-release event and he blamed Trivikram for that.

The logic behind gifting Guruji being gifted for favours is quite suggestive and he is indirectly saying that he is not getting the chance to work with Pawan Kalyan as he refuses to gift Trivikram. No matter what, Bandla Ganesh definitely created a hot topic for people to gossip about. In another tweet, the 'Temper' producer wrote that Guruji's specialty is separating teacher and a student, father and son, husband and wife and many more.