Bandla Ganesh's Unexpected Tweet On MLA Roja !

Mon Mar 30 2020 19:14:55 GMT+0530 (IST)

Yesteryear star heroine and current MLA Roja and comedian-producer Bandla Ganesh are known for their aggressive nature. They are called firebrands as they get all fired up when speaking before the mic. There was a time when these two locked horns with each other and even used foul language on each other during a live television debate.

Bandla Ganesh is known as a comedian and producer but not many know that he owns a lion's share of poultry farm business in Telangana. That is the reason why he is able to produce such big-budget films. But the Corona outbreak seriously affected the chicken market. Despite the officials clarifying that eating chicken does not give people Corona, people are not eating it because of fear. This resulted in a lot of losses for these businessmen.

At this time, MLA Roja posted a video of her cooking chicken for her family. She said that people need to eat chicken and eggs to strengthen their immunity. This gesture by Roja was appreciated by Bandla Ganesh and he thanked her on social media.