Banerjee: Mohan Babu came to beat me

Tue Oct 12 2021 18:23:24 GMT+0530 (IST)

The MAA elections saga is over, but the high drama surrounding the same is refusing to die down. The contestant who took part in the MAA elections are continuing to level serious allegations on each other. The other day, Prakash Raj tweeted "Hi my dear MAA members who stood by us .. There is a deeper meaning behind my resignation to MAA. We as a team know we are responsible towards the love n support you all have extended to us. We will NEVER let you all down ..will explain very soon. you will be proud of us." It was heard that Prakash Raj might be fielding a new association named ATMAA - All Telugu Movies Artists Association.

Today, Prakash Raj and his panelists came out and spoke with the media. They spoke at length about the incidents preceding MAA elections. In the media meet, Banerjee, an integral member of Prakash Raj's panel made a series of interesting comments and he was visibly emotional while delivering his speech.

"On the day of MAA elections, I noticed that Mohan Babu was abusing one of my fellow panelists Tanish. I then went to the spot to stop the confrontation from escalating any further. I said to Vishnu not to take the issue any further and refrain from making a fight out of it. Mohan Babu noticed me speaking with Vishnu and he came charging down to beat me. Vishnu was quick to react and he then took me away. I was humiliated at the location. Mohan Babu then kept abusing me and calling me names for another 30 minutes or so. I felt really devastated about the incident as I stood there, devastated, unable to bear the words Prakash Raj was hurling at me. He used parliamentary language against me," Banerjee said.

The other day, Prakash Raj and Manchu Vishnu revealed that Chiranjeevi had personally called them and asked to withdraw their nomination. Today, Prakash Raj's panel has come out to speak in front of the media. Moreover, Banerjee emotional comments are now catching the attention of everyone who has been following the MAA elections for the past few days.