Beauty Shows Her Frustration On Social Media

Sat Oct 17 2020 11:23:39 GMT+0530 (IST)

The long-legged beauty of Tollywood, Lavanya Tripathi is still waiting for a golden chance to resurrect her falling Telugu Cinema career. It is evident that she started with small films and landed in big movies.

 The actress would be seen as a hockey player in the sports outfit for the film A1 Express produced by Sundeep Kishan who is also playing a crucial role in the film. It is said to be a different love story.

On the latest, the actress has shared her frustration in an Instagram chat. A Netizen has asked the actress about her Ring as if she was engaged. She showed her frustration saying that Is not right for a Women to wear a ring? Will that symbolize only engagement.

Other netizen has asked her about marriage to which the actress said who are you to ask when my parents couldn't do that!