Beyond Fest: Audiences Salute Rajamouli's Cinematic Brilliance!

Sun Oct 02 2022 16:08:51 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Maverick director SS Rajamouli is getting bigger and bigger with each film. With the magnum opus Baahubali, the sensational director made the whole country look at Tollywood. His cinematic world went to a whole level with the visual wonder RRR. His idea of telling the fictional story of two celebrated revolutionaries was loved by one and all.

The massive success of RRR also brought a big honour for the director as he was invited to the Beyond Fest film festival. Rajamouli received a stunning welcome at the event and the crowd at the film festival had an opportunity to witness his cinematic brilliance.

As part of the ongoing film festival, the organisers are screening Rajamouli's films and the audiences were stunned by the films. After the multi starrer RRR, the organisers screened Baahubali and Eega. People present at the screening were left in awe.

Western audiences had an opportunity to experience the cinematic brilliance of Rajamouli. Audiences fell in love with these films and expressed their excitement after watching them. The breathtaking action sequences and the strong emotions in his films left them impressed.

Eega left a strong impression among the audiences at the film festival. After the interval block, the fans saluted the brilliant filmmaker in Rajamouli for planning a revenge drama with a fly taking centre stage. The scale of his films and the visual effects involved in the films made them go gaga at the massive film festival in the United States.