Bhanupriya Shares Her Issues With Memory Loss!

Mon Feb 06 2023 19:38:55 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Yesteryear star heroine Bhanupriya is a prominent name among Telugu movie lovers. The actress started her acting career in 1983 and worked prominently in Telugu and Tamil film industries. She performed in a few Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi movies as well. Known for her movies like 'Anveshana', 'Vijetha', 'Swarnakamalam', 'Trinetrudu' and many more, she acted in over 155 films. She did character roles in noted movies like 'Chatrapathi', 'Jayam Manadera', '3', 'Gautham SSC', 'Dhammu' and more.

During a recent interview, the 56-year-old shared how her memory issues started to take a toll on her work. She stated that these issues started to arise after the death of her husband Adarsh Kaushal in 2018. Apparently, she had a tough time remembering the lines during the shooting. Bhanupriya was last seen in 'Naatyam' which came in 2022. She did a couple of television serials in Telugu and Tamil till 2017. She received three Nandi Awards and two Filmfare Awards along with a couple of other noted ones.

Currently, Bhanupriya is living in Chennai along with her mother and brother. She is staying away from the spotlight and her daughter Abhinaya is in London studying science.