Dear Comrade Director Will Always Have That Guilt!

Thu Jul 25 2019 21:04:35 GMT+0530 (IST)

It is not easy to become a director in film Industry. Few get chances early but many struggle life long to see their name on the screen. Bharat Kamma got his first opportunity to make Dear Comrade after 12 years of struggle but he still has to deal with guilt.

He expressed why, emotionally at the pre-release event of the film. He said that he got a chance to do MS in USA, 12 years ago but decided against it as his passion was pushing him towards movies.

He told his mother that he is going to become a director and moved to Hyderabad. He asked them for six years of time but it took him 12 years to make his first film.

But the young director lost his father six months ago and he said that he will always be guilty about not completing his first film six months ago for life.

He could only show his father a teaser but nog complete film. He said that he got the chance to direct Dear Comrade, 3 years ago but it took so long to become a reality. And that will always hurt him as his father couldn't see the film.

He revealed that his cried going into caravan between the shots as he couldn't get over the grief. We wish the director will receive deserving success in his career for all the emotional turmoil he had go through all these years.