Movie Review: Bichagadu 2

Fri May 19 2023 19:32:27 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

'Bichagadu 2' Movie Review!

Cast: Vijay Anthony, Kavya Thapar, Radha Ravi, YG Mahendran, Mansoor Ali Khan, Yogi Babu, John Vijay, Dev Gill and others.

Music: Vijay Anthony

Cinematography: Om Narayan

Dialogues: Bhashya Sree

Producer: Fathima Vijay Anthony

Writer - Director: Vijay Anthony

Vijay Anthony's 'Bichagadu' was released seven years back in Telugu without any expectations. This dubbing film become a super hit and brought a lot of craze to Vijay Anthony. But he failed to sustain the craze due to bad scripts. Now, he readied a sequel to 'Bichagadu' and he is the hero, music director, writer, director and producer of this film. The movie has arrived with decent expectations today and let us see if it is anywhere close to the first part or not.


Vijay (Vijay Anthony) is the seventh richest man in India. Three people who are by his side want to erase this multi-millionaire from this planet and take over the assets. They find out about the special surgery technique experimented in Dubai by Dr. Mehta and try to use it on Vijay. They get a hold of Satya who shares a striking resemblance to Vijay and makes the surgery happen on them. They plan on taking the entire property using Satya. What happens after that? Did they succeed? Will Satya cooperate with them? What happens at the end? Answers to these questions form the rest of the story.


Looking at the title 'Bichagadu' and listening to the hero plays the role of a beggar, the Telugu audience were not keen on watching the film at first and even made many jokes about it. But the same people were highly impressed by the movie when they saw it. The storyline which deals with a millionaire turning into a beggar in order to save his mother has been showcased in a very interesting and emotional manner. The audience absolutely love this movie and Vijay Anthony came with more than ten films after that but none of them impressed the viewers. Though some of them were okay at the beginning, the hero showcased loopholes in his acting as well as script selection since then. Recently, his films stopped releasing in Telugu and when the people were about to completely forget him, Vijay Anthony arrived with 'Bichagadu 2'.

Making a sequel for 'Bichagadu' after all these years and directing along with producing it looked like Vijay Anthony wanted to make the most of his big hit's reputation. But the audience still had some hope that it would be a good movie. But the actor-director-producer completely disappointed everyone with the sequel. There is no connection to 'Bichagadu' and this movie whatsoever.  This is a completely different movie and even though the hero was shown as a beggar in this movie, the humanity aspect went completely missing in 'Bichagadu 2'. The story is also a complete mix of various elements all at once and becomes a catastrophe very soon. The audience will immediately understand that 'Bichagadu' and 'Bichagadu 2' are not at all similar. We expect one thing and Vijay Anthony delivers another. He used the 'Ismart Shankar' concept which itself was a copy of a Hollywood movie. The first half revolves around a multi-millionaire and three members in his team trying to take him away and occupy the company with the help of another similar person. Though the drama is a bit interesting, many scenes were illogical.

One fails to understand why the villains needed to get a similar person in order to replace his brain. The way a multi-millionaire behaves in the movie makers you wonder how he became so rich with such a small brain. People around him turn him into a puppet and get what they want. People expect a bit of intelligence when they are dealing with such concepts but the director failed to do so thereby pushing everything in a rush. Coming to the 'Bichagadu' character, it is filled with over-the-top emotions and melodrama throughout and the audience get bored way too much. The only highlight of the first half is the way Satya goes against the wishes of the batch who hired him. Though the movie has picked pace till the interval, it leaves the audience hanging throughout the second half which was a huge disappointment. People expect a lot of emotions and heartwarming scenes in the second half but the audience are in for a bad surprise. The hero's plan to spend all his money on the poor and the rest of the scenes make you lose entire hope in the movie.

The hero becomes a preacher and lectures about poverty and service for the most part of the last forty minutes. The court scenes test the patience of the audience and the typical Tamil move traits are present in this film too. The vox populi scenes get a bit out of hand and the action scenes in the middle appear way too forced. There is no link between where the movie started and how it ended. Vijay Anthony failed to bring the necessary emotions which were the USP in the first part. He failed to elevate the hero role too. All he could do was to make the film on a richer scale but with poorer content.


Basically, Vijay Anthony is not a phenomenal actor. The moody character that requires him to stay serious all the time suits him well. He looked decent when the story and his character were good but his flaws were very eminent in his previous movies. In 'Bichagadu 2', he gave a single expression throughout the movie. Despite the emotion in the scene, he looked the same. He perfectly gave the single expression in romance and action sequences too.

Kavya Thapar looked way too glamorous in the first song but she had nothing to do in the acting department. Her character lost significance as the movie went forward. Dev Gill, John Vijay and YJ Mahendran were okay as villains. Radha Ravi did a good job as the Chief Minister. Yogi Babu tried to entertain the audience. The rest of the cast were fine.


The production values of 'Bichagadu 2' is quite good. With Vijay Anthony himself being the producer, he did not compromise at all. He spent way above his market value. It looked like we are watching a big hero movie in the first half. Om Narayan did a very good job with the visuals while Vijay Anthony failed to give emotional music this time. His re-recording was just average but it is the writing in which Anthony fails badly. He included a lot of elements and turned 'Bichagadu 2' into a mess. His lack of experience as the director showed in the film and we will see the difference between Vijay Anthony and Sasi quite clearly. Vijay Anthony used the name 'Bichagadu' to get craze but made a blow par film which disappoints heavily.

Verdict: Bichagadu 2 - Double Disappointment!

Rating: 2/5

Disclaimer : This Review is Just An Opinion of One Person. Please Do Not Judge The Movie Based On This Review And Watch Movie in Theater