Big Embarrassment for Kangana Ranaut, 20 tickets Sold!

Sat May 28 2022 15:11:11 GMT+0530 (IST)

Bollywood Actress Kangana Ranaut is not new to controversies. She gained wide popularity with her controversies more than her films. Kangana Ranaut's political stand and her outspoken nature brought her a lot of criticism and she had to get a special security cover. The union government granted the cover which is continuing.

Coming to films, Kangana Ranaut is not having that good time. Her recent films are tuning out to be big duds at the box office. Her recent outing Dhaakad which was made with a huge budget and hit the theatres with high expectations also joined the list of her duds reportedly.

As per the information of the Bollywood circles, Dhaakad failed to get a good talk from day one of release. Irrespective of the area, the Kangana Ranaut starrer could not get a positive buzz and performance at the box office.

Despite coming from a non-filmy background, Kangana Ranaut went through a lot of struggles and established herself as one of the big names in the Bollywood Film Industry. As she shot to super fame with Queen film, Kangana often describes herself as Queen.

Sadly, her films are unable to make any noise at the box office. Showing the poor plight of Dhaakad, only eight tickets were sold on the eighth day of its release. With this, the film had barely managed to earn more than Rs 4,000, reports said.

As per the reports, Dhaakad will go down as the big disaster in Kangana Ranaut's career. Dhaakad which was made with a massive budget of more than Rs 80 crores managed to earn just Rs 3 crore.

Given the poor show put up by Kangana Ranaut starrer at the box office, no OTT platform is reportedly showing interest to buy the film. Despite the makers showing interest to reduce the quoted price, this is not encouraging enough to create interest among the OTT platforms.

Dhaakad was reportedly let down by the poor writing and not-so-good screenplay. Kangana Ranaut gave her best in the film. But she could not pull the film on her shoulders. Her last outing Thalaivi, marking her Pan-India film also ended up as a big dud.