Big Family Splits Into Two & Locks Horns!

Fri Oct 16 2020 15:14:33 GMT+0530 (IST)

This compound was considered the most powerful in Tollywood as it had a grip on the film industry business and manufactures a lot of heroes from the same family. But all is not well in this compound of late and they split into two and are trying to establish their own hold on this industry.

While one of the compounds has a lot of heroes, the other compound has a star hero, big producer and big production house, OTT platforms and a big distribution network. The two compounds are reportedly not on speaking terms and are not attending events of one another as per insiders.

The young star hero from one family is said to be the main reason behind this and is cutting the other family from all their film businesses. He is reportedly thinking of his starting his own distribution company and is even planning to launch an own OTT platform by collaborating with Eros International as a reply. Apparently, he is even trying to build a film studio like Annapurna 7 acres and is getting into a partnership for this as per reports. Let us wait and see what happens.