Bigg Boss Backup Stored In 'Tik Tok'

Sat Jul 06 2019 13:01:43 GMT+0530 (IST)

The third season of one of the most popular tv shows on Telugu television, Bigg Boss is all set to roll from this month end. This time, King Nagarjuna will be hosting the show. There will be 14 contestants in the show who will in a fight to survive in the house for 100 days to achieve the glory.

Already, the makers have roped in quite a few celebrities for the show. Most of them are film actors, singers and TV anchors. As a backup, the makers have also signed up a few famous TikTok celebrities across the Telugu states. TikTok is a rage now among the youth and many people have become popular on this platform.

If any celebrity opts out from doing the show in the last minute, the makers will rope in one of these back up TikTok celebrities. Thus, the Chinese app has helped a few people a chance to participate in one of the biggest shows. Let's see if any lucky one gets a chance to enter the house in the last minute