Bigg Boss Payment...Too Little: Rahul

Thu Nov 07 2019 11:33:50 GMT+0530 (IST)

Bigg Boss Management enters into an agreement with each contestant before the start of the Season. Payments will be made to the Housemates as per these deals. While Few Contestants receive Daily Payments, Others receive Weekly Payments. How much did Bigg Boss 3 Winner pocket from the Reality Show?

When quizzed about it, Rahul Sipligunj refused to disclose the exact number saying its personal. He, however, maintained that the amount he received wasn't as huge as its been speculated. 'People might assume I am paid lakhs for each episode but that's not true. The amount I received for a week days stay in Bigg Boss House is equal to the payment I charge for a single show of mine,' reveals the Singer.

As announced by him earlier, Rahul wishes to buy a house for his family using the Bigg Boss Remuneration and Prize Money. He even have plans to establish a Saloon Chain with the balance amount.

Out of the Rs 50 lakh prize money, Rs 15 lakh will be deducted in the form of Tax. Which means, Rahul could receive not more than Rs 35 lakh for being the winner of Bigg Boss.