Bigg Boss Week 4: Who Is Selfish? Who Is Selfless?

Tue Aug 13 2019 19:59:05 GMT+0530 (IST)

In the 4th Week of Bigg Boss 3, Two Contestants were invited into the confession room at once to decide who is ready to get nominated for eliminations and who wishes to be in safe zone. This gave clarity on who is Selfish and who is Selfless in the House.

Ravi Krishna-Vithika Sheru Jodi: Vithika Sheru tried to offer a impression that she is actually ready to get nominated but viewers are clever enough to decode her true intention. In the end, Ravi Krishna nominated himself accepting his fault in the glass breaking incident.

Siva Jyothi-Rohini Jodi: Both claimed they were unsure whether if they could avoid elimination with people's support. Finally, Siva Jyothi nominated herself. Twist came in the form of Bigg Boss nominating Rohini as well citing the gestures they made after exit from confession room.

Rahul Sipligunj-Himaja Jodi: Initially, Both these Contestants explained why they don't want to get nominated. Towards the end, Rahul decided to make a sacrifice.

Varun Tej-Mahesh Vitta Jodi: Although the explanation given by Mahesh Vitta to avoid nomination didn't make any sense, Varun Sandesh took the call to nominate himself.

Baba Bhaskar-Ashu Jodi: Ashu declared she doesn't want to get nominated. Immediately, Baba Bhaskar told he doesn't mind nominating himself citing it's just the curiosity which made him a part of this reality show and even elimination isn't a big deal.

Both Ali Reza and Punarnavi received immunity from elimination for Week 4 after successful completion of the secret task. Sree Mukhi has been nominated by the Bigg Boss for the blunder she committed during the task in which Ravi Krishna got injured.