Bobby Says Bunny Clicked Those Pictures

Mon Jun 24 2019 13:37:54 GMT+0530 (IST)

Allu Bobby's Second Marriage kept the Netizens busy in the past few days. Different theories have been in circulation about the personal life of Bunny's Elder Brother. Those who had seen few pictures on the wedding day expressed a feeling that Allu Arjun might have given it a miss as he wasn't happy with Bobby's decision.

Here comes the clarification from Allu Bobby, 'Allu Arjun was present when Myself and Nellu got married. Actually, The wedding pics shared by Me were clicked by Bunny. You will know who attended the wedding and what they had done in the reception party video arriving soon'.

Entire Allu Family stood supportive of Bobby and made sure he was in a happy space on the Wedding Day. The clarification issued by the Groom and latest pictures in circulation should put an end to the speculations.

Now, Everyone is looking forward for the Wedding Reception Video. Will it feature Allu Family alone or in the combination of Chiru Family?