Bollywood Actor Apologises After Police Issues Challan

Sun Feb 21 2021 11:20:29 GMT+0530 (IST)

Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi has celebrated Valentine's Day with his rnwife Priyanka Alva Oberoi. The duo enjoyed a bike ride on a Harley rnDavidson motorcycle. The actor shared the video on social media.

Inrn the viral video, Vivek and his wife can be seen without a face mask. rnFollowing this, the Santacruz Traffic Police issued a challan against rnOberoi for riding the motorcycle without hamlet.

An FIR was alsorn registered against Oberoi for not wearing a face mask. The Maharashtra rngovernment has directed the concerned authorities to see that the publicrn wears face mask and follows Covid-19 behavior.

After a challan rnwas issued against him, the Bollywood actor took to Twitter to apologizern for violating the rules. He shared his apology note with a witty tone.

"Pyaarrn humein kis mod pe le aaya! Nikle they nayi bike par hum aur hamari rnjaan, bina helmet ke kat gaya chalaan. Riding without a helmet? Mumbai rnPolice will do a checkmate! Thank you Mumbai Police, for making me rnrealise that safety is always most important. Be safe... wear a helmet rnand face mask," Oberoi's apology note reads.