Bollywood Star Heroine Takes Whooping Amount on Social media ad!

Sun Aug 07 2022 20:24:08 GMT+0530 (IST)

The film industry is called the glamour industry too. Compared to its inception, the industry went through a big transformation. In the current era, the members of the film industry are earning big amounts. The celebrities are earning big amounts through brand endorsements.

Not just the brand endorsements, celebrities also earn money with social media posts too. Based on the brand value of the company and the popularity of the star, the remuneration to do a post varies.

A firm which is into observing various developments in the advertisement world said that stars on average charge lakhs to crores to do a social media post.

Talented actress Alia Bhatt who will welcome her baby soon is in the list of top ten celebrities who charge a big amount to promote any brand on social media.Reports say that, Alia Bhatt charges around one crore for a social media post and the amount might increase based on the situation.

The amount Alia Bhatt reportedly charges for a film is not small and it is equal to the remuneration a medium size heroine would charge for starring in a film for a full length film.

The trend of actors and actresses earning big amounts for social media posts has started a few years back. Starting with Bollywood, many industries are following the same.