BoyFriend For Hire: An Affair Worth Mentioning

Mon Oct 03 2022 09:47:23 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

This movie in particular is gaining traction day by day. Some content released earlier helped the movie to be on the radar. More content is needed to place itself in the watch list of the audience.

Though the title of the movie looks crazy, it is yet to be seen what the trailer shows. So far the songs, the teaser and the promotional song have proved that the content is good and talkworthy.

Since no movies with the concept of hiring a boyfriend have been made in Indian cinema so far, this Telegu movie has a chance to strike well with the audience as they always look for a new recipe served with new ingredients.

The release on 14th October is planned taking advantage out of the absence of notable movies coming on the same day.

With Viswanth Duddumpudi and Malavika Sathisan as lead pair, the movie is directed by Santosh Kambhampati and produced jointly by Prime show entertainment and Swastika Cinema.