'Boys' Pay Sunny Leone Rs 12 Lakh!

Mon Jul 19 2021 11:53:52 GMT+0530 (IST)

The makers of 'Boys', a youthful Telugu film recently flew to Mumbai and organised a teaser launch event which was graced by Sunny Leone. The teaser was unveiled by the sensational actress. Apparently, the makers of Boys had to pay big bucks to Sunny for the teaser launch event.

Sunny took home a whopping Rs 12 lakhs for just launching the teaser and spending some time with the principal cast and crew of Boys.

The makers spent in upwards of Rs 15 lakhs for the entire teaser launch event including their own expenses and accommodation facilities.

This could well be one of the costliest teaser launch events in recent times. That said, the fact that Sunny Leone launched the teaser of Boys has attained some buzz to the film, which is exactly what the unit wants.

Boys is billed to be a youthful entertainer and it is directed by newcomer Dayanand and produced by Mitraaw Sharma.