Telugu Star Comedians For The Lion King!

Thu Jun 20 2019 19:26:16 GMT+0530 (IST)

Disney movies have become a must for young children to watch and parents are going with them to the theaters. While business wise Disney is on top, they are making clever choices to expand.

In Indian markets for their films to do big, they need local actors and stars to voice the characters. They brought Rana Daggubati for Thanos in Avengers EndGame and Avengers Infinity War, Telugu versions.

Now, for The Lion King which became a huge blockbuster worldwide as a 2D animation film in 1994, they are bringing a 3D photorealistic animation version.

Jungle Book became a huge success in India and they are trying to maximize that potential with The Lion King.

Brahmanandam and Ali, two star comedians and most popular actors in Telugu Cinema are asked to voice Pumbaa and Timon from the film.  Pumbaa is a wild pig and Timon is a meerkat.

Both prove to be great teachers for Simbaa and also give comic relief to the story. Shah Rukh Khan and his son Aryan Khan voiced Mufasa and Simba in Hindi. Brahmanandam and Ali voice acted in  Telugu. Disney is really making giant strides to get into Indian markets.