Movie Review : Butta Bomma

Sat Feb 04 2023 19:45:55 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

'Butta Bomma' Movie Review!

Cast: Anikha Surendran, Arjun Das, Surya Vashistha, Navya Swamy, Jagadish Cheekati and others.

Music: Gopi Sundar

Cinematography: Vamsi Patchipulusu

Dialogues: Ganesh Kumar Ravuri

Producers: Suryadevara Naga Vamsi - Sai Soujanya

Direction: Shouree Chandrasekhar T Ramesh

Malayalamrn film industry might not be superior in terms of budgets and market rnreach but their quality writing is far ahead of others. Their fresh rnstories, unique plotlines often leave you surprises. That is why a lot rnof their movies get remade in other languages. One such movie is rn'Kappela' and it is now remade in Telugu as 'Butta Bomma'. This movie rncame out in theatres today after a lot of promotions and let us dive rninto the review straightaway to know more about it.


Satyarn (Anikha Surendran) is a middle class girl who leaves her studies in thern middle to help her mother in running the household. They live in a rnsmall village in the Araku area. A rich guy in the village develops a rnliking for her and starts trying to convince her family. In the rnmeanwhile, Satya makes a wrong call by mistake and gets connected to a rnguy named Murali (Surya Vashistha). Their conversation leads to love andrn Satya decides to meet him while her family is making wedding rnarrangements for her already. What happens then forms the rest of the rnstory.


It is not rnguaranteed that the feel in the original movie will be in the remake rneven if it is a very faithful remake without a single change. One cannotrn really explain the exact reason for it. Sometimes the performance of rnartists can go wrong, the nativity factor may go missing sometimes and rnthere may be artificialness in the movie too. In the same manner, 'Buttarn Bomma' which was released as a remake to the Malayalam film 'Kappela' rncouldn't recreate the magic in the original. The above mentioned three rnproblems are visible in this movie. The story is fine and some scenes rnare very good but the movie gives you a feeling that it missed rnsomething.

We get a feeling that a person is a kind hearted one rnwhen we talk with him. There is a positive feeling we get when we look rnat someone. Also, there are people who appear very rough and their way rnof talking is not polished too. But we cannot judge a person based on rnone or two meetings with them either as a good person or a bad one. rnThere is a saying that 'Don't judge a book by its cover'. The entire rnplot of 'Butta Bomma' revolves around this point. Malayali writers and rndirectors as specialists in presenting stories that are close to us and rnthey write very relatable characters. They narrate these tales in a veryrn beautiful way. One wonders how they could make a movie based on this rnpoint. 'Butta Bomma' is one such movie. The story's scale is very rnlimited but the point director said is very strong. It shocks you and rntravel with you after walking out of the theatres. Some characters in rnthe movie appear in one manner when they are introduced but they appear rnin a completely different manner. It is the highlight of this movie.

Despitern having a short runtime, the movie story takes time in taking off. The rnbackdrop of the heroine, the characters around her, family and the rnscenes revolving around them in the first half progress on a very slow rnnote. They failed to showcase the beauty of the Araku area and the rnscenes appear very normal too. The interest and curiosity of the rnaudience rises only after the heroine goes to Vizag and meets one personrn instead of another. The second half progresses on a faster note. RK's rnflashback is finished at a rapid pace and him chasing the heroine and rnher lover grab the attention of the viewers. The climax sequences work rnwell due to the twist. Despite a good second half, the movie gives you arn feeling of an extended short film rather than a complete theatrical rnmovie. The movie doesn't satisfy you and the lack of emotional rnconnection with the lead characters is a big minus. The movie would havern been better if there were familiar faces. This proved to be a major rnletdown in the movie and there is lack of naturality too. The screenplayrn is not sharp enough. The major attractions are plotline, Arjun Das and rnSurya characters along with the climax twist. You can give it a try if rnyou want to ignore all its shortcomings.


Anikharn Surendran acted as a child artist in a lot of films which made it toughrn for the viewer to get used to the fact that she is the heroine now. Shern was selected because the role is of a teenage girl but it is tough for rnthe audience to get connected with her character. Anikha has still not rnreached the level where she could carry the entire movie on her rnshoulders. Arjun Das might be a very good performer and has a great rnscreen presence but he is not familiar with the Telugu audience. Surya rnVashishta pales in comparison to Roshan Mathew who played this characterrn in the original. He is weaker one of the main cast. The makers rnpreviously planned to take Siddhu Jonnalagadda for this role and he rnwould have been a perfect option. If not him, any other noted actor rnwould have done a good job. There are no other significant roles in the rnmovie and the rest of the cast did not have much to do.


Itrn surprises you when you see Gopi Sundar's name in the titles as he did rnnot give the music which is usually expected from him. The significance rnof songs is quite less in this film and the two songs are just ok. The rnbackground score is decent. The cinematography is quite decent and the rnproduction values are adequate but not under the standards of Sithara rnEntertainments. Chandrasekhar Ramesh followed the original as it is. Hisrn talent is not on display in this film which is why it is tough to rneither appreciate him or criticise him. He made a faithful remake titledrn 'Butta Bomma' but the main issue is the casting of lead actors.

Verdict: 'Butta Bomma' - Something Went Missing!


Rating: 2.25/5