Can Nani Make A True Comeback?

Tue Apr 16 2019 23:34:10 GMT+0530 (IST)

Natural Star Nani has been under the thump as his films started to look too similar with MCA. Even though the movie became a blockbuster, it did earn him bad name too.

His impression as a person who encourages different films did take a beating as he did films that did not have any freshness than him doing them.

Now, he is betting a lot on Jersey. In one of his interviews, he said that he saw the movie 20 times and found himself getting emotional for the content. He said that he forgot that he is the lead actor while watching the film.

He is talking about this movie as the one that will bring back the impression that he lost for few films. Also, he did say that he changed a lot after the movie and commented that he believes star system will be an old news.

Now, the actor somehow did not promote the movie that he believes in so much as well as he possible should. The last minute promotions seem to be the last throw of the dice than a campaign that has been planned for months.

The movie seems to be a family drama with cricket as a theme and to attract youth for such a film, the character of the hero needs to be very strong and the promotions should have concentrated on that.

We see that is not case. So, some are confused if Nani is giving the movie some huge bulid-up or does he really mean what he is saying?

We can only know on 19th April and we hope Nani, the actor is back after becoming a star atleast in this film