Can Saaho Pass The Litmus Test?

Sat Jun 22 2019 13:15:39 GMT+0530 (IST)

Saaho is being sold at record prices at various markets and makers are looking to make it the biggest follow up success to Baahubali-2.

As Prabhas took 2 years gap to finish this movie after Baahubali-2, this film has huge craze from the beginning but can all that be attributed to Prabhas?

The craze is unprecedented for sure and the way North Indians have reacted to Saaho trailer shows Prabhas is a known face all over.

Movie is different from having popularity. After a film like Baahubali and the success it achieved we can see that people would be willing to give the next film of the actor a big opening.

Saaho will definitely open big but to justify the tag of Rs. 265 crores that are said to be made by producers by selling theatrical rights only, seems to be too huge even after Baahubali success.

The movie needs to perform at Baahubali-1 levels at the least to make all the money trade is pouring in on Saaho. Sujeeth Sign and the young team working on the movie have big task.

More than anything, Prabhas needs this film work big so that his future plans to make Pan-Indian big action flicks won't be affected.