Can Telugu Cinema Save Its Overseas Market?

Wed May 22 2019 12:11:52 GMT+0530 (IST)

We don't want to be the persons who carry depressing posts but the truth is undeniable. If it is depressing then we have to state it out exactly how it needs to be.

Telugu Cinema saw a huge high with Baahubali-2 and the film scrubbed off limitations that regional cinema had in US and Aus markets.

Hindi films used to collect 3-4 Million USD on consistent basis while Telugu Cinema could be happy with 1- 1.5 Million USD. But as they say, if you kill the golden goose then you will never have the daily golden egg, producers short-sightedness and greed has almost killed the market there.

To show record grosses and participate in ego wars, they asked distributors to go for ridiculous charges for tickets for premieres and in opening weekends. This made many potential viewers to step back from going to theatres and watch the films on streaming mostly.

Even a bonefide star like Mahesh is struggling to cross 2 Million USD while he showed that he can hit 3.25Million USD with a hit film like Bharat Ane Nenu.

One can argue that Maharshi isn't the kind of film that works in Overseas but then the producers shouldn't have quoted 3 Million USD for rights which will force the distributors to walk away and scare others.

It is important for producers to not look at cash cows and equations but look at the reality of the things. People are not going to just rush into theatres anymore regardless of prices.

They are waiting for word of mouth to spread and they even know that reviews are getting manipulated too. Not to point fingers but the rating system is losing credibility big time and audiences are not falling for 3's that easily.

This year even the best reviewed films have struggled in Overseas indicating people aren't believing blindly anyone anymore. Majili, Jersey, 118 could make some profits but Vinaya Vidheya Rama, NTR biopics have scared distributors big time.

Only F2 could make big profits because producers and distributors cleverly marketed it. It is time for introspection from producers as big films seems to be the way forward and if markets loose trust in filmmakers then the guaranteed profits will start to vanish soon!