Can Tollywood Address the Issues with Shooting Halt?

Sun Jul 31 2022 17:27:37 GMT+0530 (IST)

There is no more suspension on film shootings in the Tollywood film industry. The Film Chamber said that the shootings will be stopped from the 1st of next month, which is from tomorrow. Leading producer Dil Raju announced that the shootings will be stopped as proposed by the producers guild.

All the shootings irrespective of the size of the film will be stopped. But the question is whether the shooting halt will help the industry in addressing the issues or not. If the producers come together on this, then it will not be any big issue.

Halting the shoots will do two things. One, the producers will get time to discuss things on the pending issues. The second one is that the cost of making films will be increased. The producers have to again give the advance to block the dates.

The reason behind the producers taking the touch call is to look into the long-pending issues. Till the issues were addressed, the producers wanted to halt the shoots. But we have to see if the call will work for the industry or not.

The issues like growing production costs and the hike in the remunerations taken by the stars might be addressed. But the reduction in the footfall at the theatres is the main concern and no one knows how this can be addressed.