Character Artists Showing Nenithe Film to Producers?

Wed Jul 20 2022 17:17:51 GMT+0530 (IST)

Gone are the days when the production costs of films used to be in limit. Now it takes a big amount to produce a film and if it is a star hero film then no words can describe the hard work the producer has to do. Moreover, the production costs of films have increased post the pandemic era as the audiences are not willing to come o theatres for normal films.

Besides this, a few issues are said to be ringing dangerous bells for the Tollywood film industry, and the Telugu Film Producers Council is slated to meet for a general body meeting to discuss various things and the cost of production is one of the issues which will be discussed at the meeting.

Like how the casting couch has sent shocking waves across the industry, the cost-cutting is also doing the same. Unable to deal with the growing production cost, the makers are reportedly focusing on cost-cutting.

However, the producers are said to be worried about the extra demands of the character artists, who take remuneration in lakhs per day and demand bearing the expenses of their team as well.

Usually, we hear that heroes and heroines do that and they demand producers to take care of their team as well. Now the unwanted trend has spread to the character artists as well. This is making the producers worry.

Like how Puri Jagannadh’s Neninthe showed the extra demands of Heroines and her staff, the character artists are reportedly doing the same. From seniors to juniors all are following the same reportedly. The demands of stars we get from other states are even high allegedly. As the general body meeting will be held tomorrows. We have to wait and see what the producers will do now.