Charan's going overboard with 'Sye Raa'!

Mon Oct 28 2019 10:58:21 GMT+0530 (IST)

Mega Power star Ram Charan's high-budget production 'Sye Raa' starring his dad Chiranjeevi and several other bigwigs from all over the country is coming to an end of its theatrical run. Expect for a few areas, the film brought losses to many of its distributors. But Ram Charan is in no mood to accept it as a cost failure.

He recently spoke to the media and declared 'Sye Raa' as a super hit and even stated that Diwali came early for their family because of the film. Adding to this, he said that they picturized a romantic song with Chiru and Tamanna which costed them 8 crores but had to cut it out due to excessive runtime. God knows what would have happened if they kept that song in the film. Already people found it uneasy to see a 60-year old Chiru doing love scenes with Tamanna. If the song was included, the audience and reviews would have collectively panned the film. There was criticism regarding the over dramatization and twisting of facts in this film.

It is strange to see Charan speaking highly about the film while buyers are having sleepless nights thinking how to cover these losses.